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Installation Tutorials

View our metal roofing installation videos below. You can also download our installation guide below.

Basic Installation

Basic Installation details for Diamond Steel Roofing. This video covers the installation of starter shingles and the gable/rake.

Roof Valley

Installation details for interlocking the valley & Diamond panel.

Wall Flashing

Installation details for the sidewall shingle and sidewall flashing.

Roof Vent

Installation details of square box plastic roof vent in Diamond Steel Roof.

Hip Flashing

Installation detail for the hip cap flashing.

Snow Stop Bracket

Installation details for Diamond Steel Roofing's snow stop: 
New roof and retrofit.

Toilet Flashing

Installation details of toilet vent flashing on a Diamond Steel Roof.

Ridge Line

Finishing of ridge shingles and installation of Diamond metal roof ridge cap.

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