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Installation Tutorials

View our metal roofing installation videos below. You can also download our installation guide below.

Basic Installation

Basic Installation details for Diamond Steel Roofing. This video covers the installation of starter shingles and the gable/rake.

Roof Valley

Installation details for interlocking the valley & Diamond panel.

Wall Flashing

Installation details for the sidewall shingle and sidewall flashing.

Roof Vent

Installation details of square box plastic roof vent in Diamond Steel Roof.

Hip Flashing

Installation detail for the hip cap flashing.

Snow Stop Bracket

Installation details for Diamond Steel Roofing's snow stop: 
New roof and retrofit.

Toilet Flashing

Installation details of toilet vent flashing on a Diamond Steel Roof.

Ridge Line

Finishing of ridge shingles and installation of Diamond metal roof ridge cap.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question?

We have the answers!! 

Why is the pitch important to us?

Before a final order we also like to have the pitch so we can bend the ridge and valley to fit as close to your roof as possible with minimal work on your end trying to pry it open or closed. It also helps create a meaningful number for the man hour estimate.

What is our minimum pitch?

The minimum slope standard for steel roof application is a 4/12 pitch. However, our products can be installed on a lower slope over a full deck of ice and water shield depending on the roof layout and location.

Can the Diamond Steel Roofing System be installed over my existing roof?

It is ideal to remove shingles that are curling or have mildew or moss buildup to allow inspection and repair of the roof deck. However, installation can be done over a single layer of asphalt shingles that are in good condition, ie: not curling, no mildew or moss, etc.

Aren't steel roofs louder when it is raining?

Our shingles help reduce the noise because they are installed directly to the roof deck. There is no air space between the steel and plywood, like a roof installed using strapping, so you won't get the “drum effect” when it is raining. 

Will my house be hotter in the summer and colder in the winter?

Steel dissipates heat rather quickly. Since the Diamond Steel Roofing System won’t absorb and hold heat like asphalt does, your house will stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

When should the Diamond Steel Roofing System be installed?

New construction: Most new homes are built with a 20-30 year mortgage. If an asphalt roof is used, it will need replacing before the debt is retired. Your Diamond Steel Roofing System will long outlive your mortgage.

Roof Repair: Leaking roofs can cause expensive damage to both homes and their contents. Diamond Steel Roofing Systems can be installed over existing asphalt, or optionally, the roof can be stripped. Once installed, a leaky roof will never be a problem again.

What are the shingle choices?

There are 2 standard profiles available, Diamond or Rectangular. We can also quote custom profiles if required.

What Colour's are available?

The standard colours are from the Wrinkle SMP paint series they are: Sepia Brown, Slate Grey, Ebony, Chrome Green, Oxide Red and Graphite Grey, they are also priced the same. We also commonly sell clear-coated galvalume and 16 OZ copper. Copper is significantly more money and pricing depends on the markets. Upon request on large enough jobs we can also quote other paint and colours at additional cost.

Is there a scrap allowance on your quote, how much is there?

We typically add 10% waste, unless otherwise specified. Simpler roofs can be 8% or less and more complex roofs with many facets and cut up areas can be over 15%. It also can depend on the experience level of the installer and how many right side cut-off’s someone saves to use on left side cut-off’s.

What kind of accessories are available to add to my quote?

Make sure you know if you need any accessories for your roof.

They commonly include synthetic breathable roofing underlayment, vented ridge, snow stop, roof vents, and toilet stacks.

We also develop and fabricate custom trims on our CNC brakes, contact us for more information.

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