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Innovative, fire resistant, long lasting, durable, environmentally friendly and even mildew resistant - a roof that will last a lifetime and beyond.


The Diamond Steel Roofing System was designed and developed by innovative roofing and construction specialist Murray Simpson. Applying 25 years of creative experience and working with the highest quality craftspeople, steel and colour finishes, Diamond Steel shingles are beautiful, highly windproof, water tight, and long lasting.


A Diamond Steel roof will not end up in a landfill site. Asphalt is three times the volume of steel shingles. It ends up in landfills as hazardous waste that leaches tar and petrochemical products into the watershed. If future generations want to replace a Diamond Steel Roofing System they will be able to recycle all the components into new metal products.


Steel does not hold moisture and prevents the growth of mildew or moss.


Steel doesn't burn. Our steel roof protects your home or building from airborne cinders.


Shingles of similar design were used on many buildings in North America from 1890 to 1920. Many of those roofs are still protecting the homeowners' investments today.

We estimate life expectancy conservatively at 50 years, but have reason to expect nearly twice that life span.


A variety of high quality, non-fading colour finishes. There is a Diamond Roof for every taste and architectural detail.

A variety of high quality, non-fading colour finishes. There is a Diamond Roof for every taste and architectural detail.

2 Standard profiles are available: Diamond and Rectangular.

The 6 Standard colours from the Granite Deep Mat paint finish are:

Graphite Grey, Slate Grey, Jet Black, Sephia Brown, Oxide Red and Chrome Green.

On special order other paint finishes and other materials such as solid copper are available.

On request stiffening pattern can be removed and custom rhomboid styles and sizes can be made.

Contact us for samples.


Simple systems make the roof suitable for DIY installation. No strapping makes installation easier, faster and leaves the roof walkable after install. Shingles install with common 1-1/4" roofing nails same as used on asphalt.


Our product is used not only used for roofing but wall cladding(siding)  and ceiling cladding for a unique look.

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