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About Us

Homeowners are assured that Diamond Steel knows roofing, knows construction, knows people and cares about conserving heritage and protecting your most important investment - your home.

Finished diamond steel roof

Applying 25 years of creative experience and working with the highest quality craftspeople, steel and colour finishes, Diamond Steel Shingles are beautiful, highly windproof, water tight, and long lasting.


Diamond Steel Team - many of whom have been involved from the beginning - manufacture and quality check each and every piece at the production plant in Wingham, Ontario, Canada.


Murray is proud that the ardent do-it-yourselfer, as well as the industry professional, appreciates the simple design that requires no special installation tools.


Diamond Steel Roofing Systems trains our sales people in every aspect of customer service, manufacturing and installation.

For an interesting read from 1998 check out this local newspaper write up on Diamond Steel Roofing.

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